Turn your old Par 36 into an LED Par 36!

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“The last Change”

Turn your old Par 36 into an LED Par 36!

Exchange the customary lamp for an Ape Labs lamp and you will never have to replace it again.

The classic PAR 36, better known as a “Pinspot”, is used widely in clubs and bars around the country. This is a replacement lamp for the PAR 36 fixture.  The Ape Labs LED version lasts up to 300 times longer than a traditional lamp.

Featuring spherical optics and a warm white LED chip, this creates a classic “Pinspot-effect”. It is adjustable with the customary dimmer systems.

Dimensions and weight:
installation depth: 36 mm
height of optics: 27 mm
diameter in total: 111 mm
weight: 118 g

Electrical installed load ratings:
V in: AC 6 volts
Total performance: 5 watt
Performance LED: 3 watt
Colour temperature: 2.700K// warm white

Dimmable with leading and treading edge phase dimmer.
Event technology dimmer